Round 1 -  

  • Open competition monochrome DPI

  • The theme competition is ‘Framed’ colour DPI (any subject but has to be encapsulated by a natural frame, i.e. frame can’t be added in post-production.)


Round 2 - 

  • Open competition colour DPI 

  • The theme competition is ‘Shadows’ monochrome DPI (any subject, that’s presenting a shadow.)


Round 3 - 

  • Open monochrome print

  • The theme is ‘Song or Show’ colour print (Titles any subject that reflects a song or film/show title, the images have to use and fit the title.)


Round 4 -

  • Open competition colour print

  • The theme is ‘Head On’ monochrome print (Any subject but has to be a head on shot, could be an animal, person, building or vehicle etc)



Please note: the above is subject to change, please ensure your contact details are up to date and you monitor the club website and Facebook page.

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