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How to use Dicentra

March 29, 2015


This a basic step by step guide of how to open, create a show and display the show using our Dicentra competition programme.


1. Open Dicentra




3. Fill in fields, Competition name, number of images per person, dimensions of show (1920 by 1080).


4. In the SCORING tab, select Randomise all images and select marking scheme.


5. Dont use other tabs, then click SAVE.


6. EDIT : PREFERENCES - Make sure projector screen size is 1920 by 1080.


7. HELD BACK INDICATION - set to As Text




9. We then require to make the competition, First SETUP - LOAD ENTRY and then search to the images on your PC.


10. This is when you may start by see errors and issues.  the main reason why is the person who entered the competition has sent you the files in the incorrect format (setup in steps 2 and 3)


11. Once all image are loaded clcik SETUP - MAKE COMPETITION


11a. Click COMPETITION - SCOREBOARD SETTINGS... - Tick all 4 check boxes


12. To run the competition, click COMPETITION - RUN COMPETITION.


13. Click YES to the warning display popup


14. The competition then runs, and you use the arrow keys to move along from one picture to the next.

On each photo mark in the score using the computer keypad. If the picture is HELD back press the H key.


15. After the first run though, the main title page is displayed with the held and marked images.

IMPORTANT:  In a blank area of the title screen, RIGHT CLICK the mouse and select VIEW HELD IMAGES.


16. Continue running and marking the competition. Note:  These are all HELD images so you dont have to hold them again. Just mark each image as normal. any continued held images will be held on the title screen.  if the judge wants another pass, again right click the screen and click view held images and continue through the competition, until the winner is left.


17. On completetion, click the S button on the keyboard to show the Results and Stats.



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