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How to size an Image and Prepare for projection

March 8, 2015


Hello Everyone.  I know some people have difficulty in sizing and preparing images for projection, so i thought i'd do a start to finish guide on the subject.


 Open an Image into Photoshop
 Work on the image until it is ready to be presented.


We then need to create a profile for the image.

 Click EDIT from dropdown menu
 Click on CONVERT to Profile...
 The box at the top (Source Space) will state which profile the image is in that you have been working on in photoshop
 If it is in SRGB, then all's great and the image can be further processed.
 If not, and it says Adobe RGB or another this requires adjustment.

 The Second box down is the Destination Space. You need to use the dropdown list and select the sRGB IEC61699-2.1  Colour Space

Click on OK, thats all there is too it.


We then need to size the image.

 Select IMAGE,

Image Size...

 First change the resolution to 72 pixels/inch.  Do this first or it will all go wrong.
 We then need to work on the top box which is called Pixel Dimentions.
 For our purposes the maximum projection size is 1920 by 1080 pixels.
 So if we are working on a Landscape Orientated image, we set the width to 1920px.
 the height will change by itself, and all should be ok. It should fall smaller than 1080. 
 If working on a portrait orientated image, then you adjust the Height parameter instead. and make it 1080,
 the Width will then alter to suit.
 Click OK after sizing and save the image as Dicentra requires, ie, 01 Filename.jpg


01 Sunset over the Coast.jpg

02 Flying Bird Of Prey.jpg

03 Beauty of Nature.jpg


Do not write a title like 01 1 cat jumping.jpg or  02. 3 birds in flight.jpg.  The number in the title throws Dicentra.  if there is a number please rename it to  01 one cat jumping.jpg or 02 Three Birds in flight.jpg


Note the the Projection will display the title as written,  Case sensitive or not...


Thats all there is too it folks.


Thanks for reading


 Note:  Other clubs may project differently, so alter your height width to suit.


Link to pictures explaining the above


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