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Colour Space Conversion

When opening a document in photoshop, you may see this window.


This line of text states how the images is being imported into Photoshop.  It doesn't matter how the image was taken in camera, this box is how it will be edited.


ProPhoto is the best colour space to work in because it has the most colours available in it, although this colour space cannot be read correctly by Printers and Labs or Projection.

This has to be converted mainly to sRGB after the image has been edited.


Once the file is opened in photoshop and edited to the users will, the Prophoto colour Space file has to be converted before it is saved.


To do this, click the EDIT menu, and then click CONVERT TO PROFILE...


The window to the left appears, and the Source colour space is what we are working in.  This has to be altered.


So Click the down arrow on Destination Space, and select sRGB.  Click OK, and save the file as you wish.