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Competition Rules

Bolsover Camera Club Competition Rules




  1. Members are expected to observe the spirit of the rules and the competitions.

  2. The interpretation of the rules shall be the responsibility of the Competition Secretary whose decision shall be final.

  3. Members must be fully paid up in order to enter any competition.

  4. An image may be entered only once into the current season’s competitions in any form.  It is acceptable to enter the same image in other forms in successive years.

  5. A winning image may not be used again in the same form in successive years

  6. A panel entry consists of three images in print or projected media but not mixed. Prints to be card mounted but open to creative presentation within a club context.  Panels for outside competition/exhibition will be governed by the rules of that competition.

  7. Closing date for competitions are advised in the programme and are announced.  The club would appreciate co-operation in ensuring that entries are available for logging in advance of the competition night and every effort be given to making them available one week in advance.  This is particularly important with projected images and these will not be accepted on the night.  Prints may be brought on the night providing titles have been provided in advance.

  8. Digital entries for all categories may be provided to either the Competition Secretary or the Competition Secretary Assistant by email (see programme) or one week in advance on memory stick or disc.

  9. The Competition Secretary has the right to remove entries on a fair basis from the bottom of the entry form in the event of an unmanageable quantity being received.  In this connection it is important your choices are listed in order of preference.

  10. If a competition attracts only one entry, there will be no award made but the entry may be carried forward to the next round or receive comment only.





  1. Must be card mounted on a board no larger than 500 x 400 mm.



Digital Images


  1. Images must be re-sized up to a maximum of 1920 x 1080 pixels – verticals must not exceed 1080 pixels high.

  2. Images should be high quality jpegs in SRGB colour space at 72 dpi. 

  3. If you are unclear on how to re-size, ask for an explanation sheet on how to do this in photo-shop software.  link




Section A and B applied to the bi-monthly competitions


  1. There will be a section A and a section B (for new members or less experienced photographers).

  2. A new member may choose either section but may not reverse the decision.




Scoring Competitions


  1. Entries for each round will be marked from 20 and any member of Section B winning two rounds in the year will be promoted to section A in the following season.

  2. For Bi-Monthly Competitions the 20-19-18 marks will be allocated 1st, 2nd and 3rd places irrespective of the number of images awarded each mark, i.e. there may be several images awarded 20 marks and each one will be allocated 1st place, with images awarded 19 marks being allocated 2nd place, etc.

  3. The judge will not be asked to choose an overall winner.




Bi-Monthly Competitions


Competitions will be held in the following classes:


  1. Colour prints and panels.

  2. Mono prints and panels.

  3. Colour projected images and panels.

  4. Mono projected images and panels.

  5. Four of the season’s competitions will be themed, these being decided by the Competition Secretary.

  • The Committee shall choose themes for the coming season.

  • Judges will be asked to mark down or eliminate any image they feel does not represent the theme and to explain why this is so in their opinion.

6.  Members may submit up to three entries in each class of which one may be a panel.

7.  There will be two prints competitions and two projected image competitions in the season.

8.   Section B will be available for new members or less experienced workers.

John Mountain Open Subject Competition


  1. Open subject

  2. Digital projected

  3. An entry will consist of three images – these can be colour and/or mono.

  4. The entrant with the highest aggregate score will be the winner.

  5. All images will be marked out of 20.  In a tie, the judge will select the winning entry.




John Culpin Natural History Competition


  1. Subject – natural history.

  2. The competition will be for projected images in even numbered years and prints in odd numbered years

  3. A maximum of six entries will be accepted and a single image will be chosen as a winner.




Brian Fawcett Landscape Competition


  1. Subject – landscape

  2. Digital projected.

  3. All entries must be completely new work.

  4. Three images may be entered.

  5. A single winning image will be selected.

  6. This competition may be judged remote from the club at the time of the Photographer of the Year (POTY) competitions.  If you wish to use an entry from the Brian Fawcett competition in the POTY competition, this should be clearly stated when images are submitted for entry.


Print Competition

  1. For all internal print competitions, authors shall provide a PDI of their image(s) to enable the image to be projected simultaneously.  This serves two purposes (a) the image will be more easily seen by all members and (b) the Club’s projection software can be used to record the scores.



Images of the Year


  1. To enter you must be fully paid up with subscriptions and have entered a minimum of two of the year’s competitions (any competition). 

  2. Entries must be from the current year’s competitions.

  3. The entry will comprise of up to four pieces of work of the author’s choice from any of the current year’s internal competitions, including the Internal Knockout competition, from which the following awards will be made:

  • Mono print of the year – The John Middleton award

  • Colour print of the year – The Cliff Paulson award

  • Mono projected image of the year

  • Colour projected image of the year

4.  From these entries the judge will select one winner for each of the awards.

5.  All of the above awards will be made from a single competition entry and may be judged away from the Club.  The results will be announced on presentation evening.

6.  Scores given to the images will not be used towards the accumulative score for the Photographer of the Year.



Photographer of the year

  1. Each author’s highest two scores in the same class, e.g. Bi Monthly Round One Colour PDI, shall be added together.  The total scores for each author from up to eight of the season’s internal competition classes* will accumulate; the author with the highest accumulated score for the season will be announced as the Photograph of the Year.

*Bi Monthly Rounds 1-4 – colour and mono images (8 competitions)

John Culpin, John Mountain and Brian Fawcett competitions (3 competitions)

2.   In the event of more than one author accumulating the same score, each author will be announced as joint Photographer of the Year.

Internal Knockout


  1. Open subject

  2. Projected

  3. Members may submit up to six entries.

  4. Entries should be previously unseen at Bolsover Camera Club.

  5. Members are the judges and will select (by a show of hands) one image to go forward to the next round from two images being projected simultaneously.

  6. The final image selected shall be the winner.


Presentation Evening


  1. Awards for all internal competitions shall be made on a presentation evening that shall be held on week following the final competition of the season, this being the Images of the Year competition.

Inter-Club Competitions


  1. The rules apply to inter-club knockouts with Killamarsh CC, James Maude CC, etc.

  2. There should be a maximum of two images per author to broaden the representation from the Club.

  3. All members will be asked to provide their two best images of the season, if they wish, for consideration of entry in to inter-club competitions.  As there should be a maximum of two images per author to broaden the representation from the Club, the selection committee may be required to reduce the entry to one for some authors.

  4. The rules exclude Sheffield Knock-out, NEMPF Print Competition, etc.




Use of Competition Entries


  1. All competition entries supplied to the Club will be available for use on Facebook or the Club website.  Entry of images automatically gives permission for these to be used unless the author states otherwise.



Revised following the AGM on 5.5.17